11 April 2011

Fundraising for Japan: Peace Crane Ceremony

Friday 25th March saw the ceremony of the hanging of the peace cranes made by all who got involved throughout the week of fundraising. We began by laying the strings of cranes on the grass, and then began to tie them to some fishing wire, which we had strung around the branches of an old oak tree at UoB. Even with the cranes simply arranged on the floor it looked wonderful. 

UoB Ceremony
 At around 12.30 Camille, Jen and I made a quick speech about what happened in Japan, why were doing this and who the funds would be going to with a few snapshots being taken. We then each pulled an end of the fishing wire and the cranes rose into the sky, hanging from between the branches in all their splendour.

It really was a beautiful and very moving moment. The cranes continued to sway amongst the wind, shining in the sun for a couple of days before we took them down on the 25th March as we then needed to prepare them to be hung in the ‘Avago’ glass cabinet at the Grand Parade site of UoB. They are now in the cabinet and will be until the beginning of May, reminding people of what terrible events have happened and how important it is to support and donate for Japan. 

UoB Avago Cabinet
We raised over £3000 with Santander's pound for pound match.

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See the video below, created by Gabriel Wulff for the event in 50 seconds...