26 May 2011

The Six Key Drivers

This handbook has been written by me (Emily Gunning) to give designers a six-point framework, which they can use to aid them in the design process.

Many theoretical frameworks in relation to sustainable design have been created through the years, but this framework concentrates particularly on ways to create product-user attachment, thus resulting in less waste and lower material usage.

Extensive research was undertaken into:
·       Favourite objects
·       Objects owned for a long time/ with a long lifespan
·       Objects which are quickly discarded or have a short life span
My primary aim was to discover the differences between these objects and identify the key drivers that cause the subject-object relationships and thus greater meaning within the objects.

I used the results of my research to create these Six Key Drivers, which consist of one word each, with a description and meaning. These Drivers identify and summarize the factors leading to emotional durability within objects. It is then down to the designer to read and apply or consider these when creating objects. The designer can choose to consider or use all Drivers, one of the Drivers, or a combination of a few of the Drivers.

This is available both as a book and an online resource. If any parts of the book are copied or referred to, please reference Emily Gunning (2011).

 © Emily Gunning (2011)

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  1. Impressive stuff providing much food for thought